Target Marketing for the Social Age

The highly engaged social universe with its’ vast wealth of opportunities for real and experiential connections is also brought together by rhythmic digital melodies, otherwise known as algorithms. 

By their very definition algorithms are predictable, rule following, mathematical constructs that evolve in their own logical way. Certain learning algorithms adjust and change, creating better versions of themselves, giving them a somewhat sentient quality. 

Digital connections are often superficially social, instantaneously gratifying; often related to ones’ own agenda but shared nonetheless.  Not to say, genuine connections are never made. 

Target Marketing mimics the social age in much the same way; being superficially defined by social groups, yet the groups need to be digitized, broken down, digested, categorized and quantified.  

In some ways, no one knows your target market better than an algorithm. Why? Because an algorithm is predictable, based on past performance, studies patterns free of judgement and then adjusts.

So, if you’re trying to define your target market, let’s start here.

Algorithms have been tracking our every digital move. The ridiculous and the serious, the impulsive and the pensive, the conscious and the ones where we clicked first and thought about it later; following, some would say stalking us like some digital thief in the night. 

So, when Siri speaks, should we listen?  Algorithms don’t care if you listen or not, take their suggestions or not. Why, because their only function is to make comparisons, reduce, distill and tract patterns. Even if it feels like they know us, they don’t. You might say they’re just really good guessers, adding a touch of unpredictability to an otherwise certain outcome.   
Tracking patterns

Tracking patterns is the crux of the issue in target marketing-- how well do you know your clientele, your target market. Customer, for some, for others patient, member, whatever. The better you can define your customer, the faster you will grow your business. Narrowing the focus saves time and money. 

Knowing your customer, means not making assumptions because we all know where that leads. So, don’t assume that your passion for your product or service is a shared passion.  Ask questions.

Begin with a fine analysis of your target market. Get as granular as you can. Freeing yourself of all preconceived concepts expands your thinking.  Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Brainstorm.

  • Are they Payless or Valentino?
  • Country club or a day at the beach?
  • Struggling mom and pop or a large corporation?   

Shoes on Questions  

  • Does it fulfill a need?
  • What makes it unique? 
  • Does it fit my budget?
  • Is it timely?
  • What are the long-term prospects?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Is it locally or globally directed? 

The questions keep coming and the answers won’t be answered in a day, week or perhaps not even years. Be patient and track patterns. Keep going.

Evolved Digital Marketing

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