The EVOLVED Digital Marketing SEO Home Town Advantage; Localize and Rank! 

EVOLVED Gets Quick Results

Building a business online, traditionally takes time. Time is the caveat, the Achilles Heel, frankly, the reason so many businesses fail. The cliché “time is money”, really does have a basis in fact. You can grow old and poor in the time it takes your business to show up on page 1 for all the major keywords and on all the major search engines.

Traditional SEO works, but it takes time. Paid advertising works, but it may require you to spend more than you’d like or have. 

EVOLVED platform uses technology to create and fast-track an organic network of high-ranking, local websites considerably reducing the time, money and work it takes to achieve online success.

EVOLVED Digital Automation Technology creates hundreds of unique, local websites.

UberCab is the original name of Uber, launched in 2009, a taxi hailing service that revolutionized the way we travel. Connecting drivers with riders without ever owning a single taxi cab, Uber took the taxi industry by storm and quickly became the industry leader. 

EVOLVED Digital Automation software takes a similar approach, giving our partners the ability to localize a scalable digital business and harness our technical expertise and marketing know-how, without years of years of trial and error and wasted dollars. Most importantly, utilizing our advanced software, technical expertise is no longer needed.
Partner with EVOLVED and build an organic, lead generating, online digital business using our powerful marketing platform without knowing SEO, SEM or even a stitch of coding. In other words, no experience necessary. 

Run your own business, sell local territories, or do both.

EVOLVED is a proven, cost-effective, one-of-a-kind marketing platform that allows national brands, franchises and multi-location businesses to replicate our platform and build tens, hundreds or thousands of geo-targeted websites for services and products that target local businesses.

“Sell local, online lead generating territories or promote your own brand”

Entrepreneurs Work from Home

You provide the business or business idea, EVOLVED will provide the marketing platform, framework and expertise. The only prerequisite is your passion for your business.

Let’s say you always had a passion for online widgets. The Evolved platform will build a network of local widget websites. Local widget websites include the location in the URL and throughout the site, in addition to being further customized with attributes unique to that location, such as NAP info, location maps and other customizations.

The platform can instantly add pages, change content, update and optimize virtually any change across the network and to individual websites.

"EVOLVED Digital is a Proven Digital Marketing System 15,000+ websites and growing."

The Power of Math

Imagine having hundreds of websites or interior pages, all running on their own unique URL and you decide to add a new service. Traditionally, you must go into each page and update individually. It’s time consuming and tedious.  

The Evolved automation platform changes all that.

Individual local sites can be entirely customized for the locale, instantly implement local changes, exponentially increasing the number of pages with local relevance. Traditional methods include one interior local page, which has little to no SEO value and doesn’t significantly increase local relevance.

Trusted Local Websites

Trusted local websites lead to more leads and more conversions.
Local search, being further down the sales funnel, makes up more than half of all searches, especially true for mobile search, and leads to more calls and more conversions.
That is our SEO Home Page Advantage and the reason the powerful EVOLVED Platform performs so well.  Think of us as a “digital business in a box.” Your business, our replication technology.

Marketing Advantages and Benefits

  • Scalable 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Develop a Business Platform for yourself and/or sell territories
  • Customized Websites- never locked into pre-existing models or templates
  • Superior Lead Generating System  
  • Built-in Banner Advertising System for additional stream of revenue
  • Built-in Chat System
  • Instantaneous Updates- add/delete pages, change content, etc. 
  • Top-Level Local Sites or Sub-Domains 
  • Quickly add a new location (new website)
  • Exponentially increases the number of online pages
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