Global and Local Reach with EVOLVED Multi-Location Platform  

The EVOLVED Platform is a unique technological solution that helps businesses, brands and organizations to vastly increase their local, organic online marketing presence. The scalable platform creates and manages a network of tens, hundreds or thousands of customizable, geo-targeted websites. Businesses manage and localize their brand message across a wide network of geo-targeted sites.

Proven and powerful, the EVOLVED WCM system enables central management and corporate level control while allowing some customization on a local level. Designed for multi-location businesses and the building of local relevance on a scalable, enterprise level.

Ranking high on the SERPS, locally targeted campaigns often appear on page 1 for all major search terms without applying heavy paid advertising.

EVOLVED was designed to be a simple, effective, low-cost solution for the challenges of local, organic digital marketing and search engine visibility. 

The Digital Marketing Problem That Multi Location Businesses Face

"The EVOLVED Platform simplifies the process of providing effective and measurable mass marketing on a local level."

Top Three Reasons for Multi-location and National Brands to Localize Their Digital Marketing: Consumers Want to Buy Locally 

  1. Customers Trust What They Know - Roughly 97% of all consumers use online media to shop for commodities. Consumers want to buy from people that are local and will engage with them rather than buying from some large corporate entity, when consumers look to make a purchase, they want to buy from a trusted seller that is also relevant to a consumer's geographical location and a part of their local community. Localized marketing efforts can help national business be more engaged with their target market.
  2. Each Local Market is Unique - EVOLVED allows for the customization of local sites, while maintaining the corporate brand and dictum. Communities are made up of unique variables that national brands need to consider to the needs and specifics of each local market. 
    National and multi-location brands need to utilize cutting edge technology to accomplish hyper-localization. Localized websites have become a necessity for multi-location businesses to compete, and they will need to treat each individual location like a local business.
  3. Local Marketing Provides Better Visibility - EVOLVED provides each location with a website that stays updated, is highly visible in search engines, and is a central hub for local marketing activities so consumers can get access to locally relevant information on the current products and services they are searching for.

The biggest search engines are in the business of providing users what they're looking for. People want to connect with local businesses and companies like Bing, Google and Yahoo are putting major emphasis on showing individuals localized organic search results.

When consumers research a product or service they need, they look for businesses that are within their geographical region. Small businesses with targeted marketing are able to acheive local relevance, which in turns makes them fare better than national sites when consumers search for specific items in their region 

An EVOLVED Solution

National and Multi-Location businesses need a scalable way to deploy and manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of websites they face significant challenges in the sheer complexity of their operating environments.

EVOLVED Marketing is a proven solution for:

  • Reducing complexity in multi-site web deployment and management.
  • Deploying and managing local product and service geo-targeted lead generation web sites efficiently and at a low unit cost. 
  • Delivering sustainable and scalable organic geo-targeted multiple location business websites that provide exclusive lead generation, brand exposure and digital marketing capabilities.

The EVOLVED Strategy

As technology continues to shape the way we live and interact with brands, searches on mobile devices have surpassed desktop, transforming the way people find a local business. As a result, today’s battle for consumers is often won or lost with local search.EVOLVED simplifies the process of providing organic, effective and measurable mass marketing on a local level using cutting-edge technology.

Local and location-based marketing is a $23 billion-dollar market in North America alone and is expected to almost double to $45 billion by 2017. EVOLVED is committed to innovation and furthering the objective to make “near me” and “micro” moments matter for national and multi-location enterprise brands.” EVOLVED is powered by the proven (15,000+ websites) WCM proprietary automation software that enables central management of a network of unique, individualized local websites.

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