What is a Digital Marketing Franchise?

Perhaps, the question is best answered by telling you what it is not. It is not a bricks and mortar franchise. It is not an Affiliate Marketing Program and it is not, strictly speaking, a Digital Franchise or Licensing Agreement.

A Digital Marketing Franchise can be best thought of as a “Digital Business in a Box” where, regardless of the product or service, all online marketing aspects (advertising, distributing, selling) have been organized under one digital roof.

Franchisees need no experience with online marketing. They focus solely on their business, their sales and customer service. Additionally, EVOLVED franchisees have the right to sell exclusive territories locally, regionally or nationally. Unheard of and a right usually reserved for the franchisor.

How is a Digital Marketing Franchise Different from Other Models?

A “bricks and mortar franchise” is a business relationship where a franchisee can sell the products or services of the Franchisor for a fee. There is conformity in the brand, brand message and business model. The right to sell territories is reserved for the Franchisor. Exp. McDonalds, Chipotle

A Digital Franchise is much the same, except the business is online. An online company (franchisor) has developed a product or service that it allows other people (franchisees) to sell without allowing them to change its’ branding or marketing message. 

 A licensing agreement is where the licensee agrees to sell the products or services of another under the licensee’s own brand. There is more flexibility in terms of pricing and brand marketing.

Our Model


  • Utilize their own brand or create an online brand.
  • Create network of local sites with EVOLVED Digital Automation Technology.
  • Local websites are high-ranking and customized for local relevance  
  • Flexibility in the pricing structure. 
  • Franchisee is permitted to sell territories
  • Built-in third-party advertising system

The franchisee provides their years expertise and business knowledge.  However, the franchisor takes care of all aspects of online marketing. from:

  • Website creation
  • Inbound lead generation
  • Localization-network of local websites
  • SEO-search engine optimization
  • SEM-search engine marketing (paid)
  • Content creation, marketing and distribution

In other words, franchisees are provided with a proven, powerful turn-key digital marketing system developed after years of online marketing experience.

The marketing model was created and designed by engineers, developers, marketers and a team of marketing technicians to be the best, most cost-effective online marketing franchise online (pardon the redundancy) and perhaps the only franchise that permits franchisees to sell exclusive marketing territories, with additional streams of revenue built-in, such as third-party banner advertising.

Who Benefits?  

Anyone who has a product or service that is searched locally, such as:

  • Medical
  • Auto
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Local service businesses

Just to name a few.


  • Branding
  • Lead generation
  • National companies looking for local relevance
  • Local brands looking for national relevance
  • Additional streams of income
  • A massive digital fingerprint that’s both cost-effective and scalable
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