Cost-Effective, Organic, EVOLVED Digital Marketing Solution
Build a turnkey Digital Business with a proven marketing system.

EVOLVED Technology is the core that enables a sophisticated, yet profoundly effective lead generating, digital marketing platform. The EVOLVED organic platform allows businesses to have a turnkey solution custom built to:  

  • Deploy a consistent, lead generating branded message across an entire network of hundreds of top-level local websites with EVOLVED technology.
  • Top-level websites are organically found on Page 1 in geo-targeted and surrounding market areas.
  • Quick and cost-effective organic results. 
  • Instantaneous, network-wide updates.

Delivering savings and results:

EVOLVED methodology provides every location with a website that consistently represents the corporate brand and marketing message, yet remains locally relevant

  • Local, high-ranking organic traffic that never expires and never   depletes the budget.
  • Customize local websites with relevant local content   
  • Corporate control over local content. 
  • Analytic tools to measure digital success, and monitor each local   website performance. 
  • Possible Built-in third-party banner advertising
  • Built-in chat 

“Evolve and Innovate- that’s evident in the advanced, one of a kind, powerful platforms that is Evolved Digital Technology."

How the EVOLVED Platform Works

Multi-site, location marketing is not a new concept; in fact, most digital advertisers are acutely aware of the necessity. The issue is that it has always been impractical from a price and maintenance standpoint until now.  EVOLVED Digital Technology has taken the concept of geo-targeted microsites a giant leap forward. 

EVOLVED (Electronic Versatile Organization of Logical & Virtually Emulated Data) is a powerful software platform that allows companies to deploy an unlimited number of high-ranking, niched and geo-targeted top-level (subdomains) websites from a single platform.
EVOLVED is the Best Choice for Local Organic Marketing: 

  • Cost- effective - For multi-site marketing to be effective, companies need to have a high volume of sites to capture all relevant search terms The EVOLVED platform uses a custom scripting which allows the exact replication of a single website with custom URLS and customization properties. 
  • Geo targeted - The EVOLVED platform advances Search Engine Optimization for each replicated URL, including customized keywords, Meta tags, title tags, folder based optimization, and more. 
  • High-Ranking
  • Lead Generating

Innovators, what are you waiting for? Territories are exclusive.

 “We are confident that the EVOLVED platform will give your brand(s) the edge it needs to dominate your existing markets and expand to new ones.”

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